Shipping Instructions for Turkey Heads & Turkey.

The forms you will need to send with your turkey head or turkey are below tabs.  Please download form and ship with your turkey head or turkey.

Shipping Your Turkey Heads for Freeze Dry Service

  • Cut head off and freeze as quickly as possible.
  • Freeze heads in a small amount of water in a Ziploc bag.
  • Mark either the Ziploc bag (with a permanent marker) or the head with the customer name and pose.
  • Place heads in a trash bag and triple bag or ship in a disposable water tight container.
  • Put in a box and insulate with newspapers. It is very important to make sure your package does not leak as it thaws.
  • Ship your head Next Day Air UPS or use your best judgement to get the heads to us frozen.
  • Please enclose a packing list with your heads (you may use the shipment form located on this site.) Include on it, your name, address, email address, phone #, and complete list of heads and positions.

*If your heads are sent to us fresh and frozen, the quality of your heads will be noticeably better.

*If we receive your heads brown and thawed, you are going to lose a lot of detail and quality, and possibly epidermis slippage.

*If leaking occurs during shipment there is a good possibility that the shipping company will throw your package away to prevent damage to other customer’s packages.

Using the Turkey Head Shipment Form

At the top of the form make sure to include your name, address, phone number, and email address.

Beside the Payment box, list how many heads you are sending in for freeze drying and how many extra heads you have for sale\credit (if any). The Replacement Heads O.S. section is for office use and does not need filled in on your part. Then mark whether or not you want us to paint your heads.

Below, list the heads that you are sending in for freeze drying only. List each head on its own line and include name, pose and whether there will be a turn in the snood, neck, or both.