≠≠≠Hazel Creek's new DVD "Bringin' It Home" is one of the best I've seen. It features three hours of exciting hunting footage and extras, including "behind the scenes" taxidermy tips and techniques. "Bringin' It Home" took me around the world and back again with Cally and Annetta. It is well worth the money. If you enjoy close-up hunting action that will make your pulse quicken, this is the DVD for you. You'll wish you were in the woods with them instead of on the couch with your feet propped up.

Gregg Powers

Managing Editor - Turkey Call Magazine

≠Editor - The Caller

I'≠m not a huge fan of most hunting videos. Having said that, I just finished watching the new "Bringin' it Home" video produced by Cally Morris at Hazel Creek Studios for the second time. The first time I watched the DVD I put it in the machine, expecting to watch half of it, and watch the other half the following night. Three hours later with the clock pushing midnight I finished the video.    
   Most hunting videos are fairly forgetable because of the lack of good footage, shaky, or out of focus images and the over-use of "B" roll as filler to expand the length of the show. There is none of that in this production. Up close, crystal clear footage with some un-believable kills and even a few misses. The turkey hunting episodes are the best I've ever seen and there is a hunt for a monster elk that has to be seen to be believed. The hunts took place in seven states plus British Columbia and several of the hunts featured Annetta Morris (Cally's wife) and a few with other hunters including Caleb the cameraman.
   The video is interlaced with decoy set up tips and taxidermy segments that cover field care, form selection and a few short clips of customer projects that give the viewer some insight into the world of taxidermy. I felt these were especially well done because I didn't feel like I was watching a commercial for Hazel Creek.
   As an afterthought I watched the outtakes and blooper section and found it quite entertaining. There is also a section called "On the Road with Big Red" and a "Bonus Features" segment that are also worth the time.
     I think the bar has just been raised in the world of hunting videos. I look forward to volume two.

Don Frank

Smithville, MO

I haven't seen a DVD of this quality before.  Hazel Creek will soon be known in the top circles of outdoor video.  This DVD has adventure around every corner. It is action packed with high quality footage that is expertly edited. I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.  Cally has hit a home run with his first DVD of many I am sure. You don't want to miss "Bringin it Home".

Don Travis

Master Taxidermist

International Hunter

    With "Bringin' It Home With Hazel Creek," Team Hazel Creek (HC) redefines outdoor videography with footage that is nothing short of spectacular. Particularly noteworthy, though, are the wild turkey segments. By using the company's rugged, taxidermy-prepared decoys and proper technique, Team HC attains turkey footage that is unequaled, even among the hordes of DVDs that focus solely on the subject. Also impressive are the big-game hunts, which cover elk, whitetail and mule deer, Stone's sheep, Rocky Mountain Goats and moose, and take place in both the United States and Canada. Regardless of the game, the action is up close and personal and the camera in focus--a characteristic that separates this DVD from the rest. In total, 29 animals are taken with archery tackle, muzzleloaders and center-fire rifles and shotguns.
    Not only does "Bringin' It Home With Hazel Creek" entertain, scattered throughout the three-hour-long DVD are informative segments, including invaluable taxidermy and decoying tips, among other things. There's also a host of extras including, "On the Road with Big Red," "Slam Dunks" and "Blooper \ Ugly Misses," the latter of which--with its commentary--is especially amusing.
    Best of all, in "Bringin' It Home With Hazel Creek" there's no "Pro Staff," no filler and no BS, just genuinue, everyday hunters with a passion for the animals they pursue This, combined with excellent camera work, make for a DVD far superior to the rest.

Aaron Carter

The new Bringiní it home with Hazel Creek lives up to what you would expect from Cally and Annetta, a top notch production. Team Hazel Creek has proven itself as the World Class producer of taxidermy and started, as well as set the standard in Real Decoys. Bringiní it home with Hazel Creek is the teamís first venture in producing a video that shows all aspects of what kind of results this hunting couple can produce! Cally and Annetta let the viewer in on what would be 29 trips of a lifetime for most, but for them it is a true everyday lifestyle. Chasing goats in British Columbia, whitetails in Illinois and several other species; as well as jellying a few turkey heads along the way! They bring it all home and show you how the hunt lives on with an in depth look at the exceptional world class taxidermy work that Team Hazel Creek provides. Three hours of action, education and fun, I recommend it!  

Randy Bowden

Director of Marketing & Corporate Relations

Quality Deer Management Association

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that "Bringin' It Home with Hazel Creek" Vol. 1 is a awesome video. You guys have done an excellent job of including some great hunts and very impressive shots! I just received my copy last week, and have watched it several times already.  
Thanks again for thinking of me, when adding some photos of your "customer's kills" in the special features. I get compliments about the quality of your work every time someone see's my deer mount! I'm already anxiously anticipating Volume 2!!

Lee O'Brien

I watched your dvd and it was awsome. My favorite kill was the one in missouri when you got the big buck. I also liked when you caught the armadillo.

Clayton Miller

Just watched your video.  Thanks for putting together one of the best hunting videos I have ever watched.  Great content, camera angles and good sound taxkdermy info.  I am a taxidermist as well and I have always been impressed with your work.  My compliments to Annetta for her perseverance in getting her Stone Sheep, especially after the fall.  Looking forward to "Bringin' it Home 2."

Mark Ecker

Hi Cally my name is zach. I am 12 years old. I met you at the Iowa whitetail Classic. You gave me a video. I just wanted to tell you that I liked your video. I love to hunt turkeys too. My favorite on was when u shot three turkeys in one day! I have shot three turkeys and want to shoot one with my bow. Thanks again for the video.