I purchased one of your "real hen decoys" during the 2006 spring season here in Texas.  The first time I used her two mature gobblers came in.  I harvested one. 
  During the 2007 spring season I used her and harvested two mature gobblers, one on each of the two setups.
  I used her again this season.  I was calling for a friend and three jakes came in and attacked "Miss Daisy". My friend had to shoot to keep them from destroying the decoy. I was hunting alone and took a really big bird, eleven inch beard. I called again for my hunting buddy and he took his first mature gobbler.
  I am so amazed with your "real decoys" I ordered and just received a "real jake decoy" which will be named "Homer". ­
One cannot understand how well your decoys really work until they try them.  I'm a 110% satisfied customer .
  I can't wait to try the pair.

Kenneth Sutton

6:05 yesterday morning.  Mark Kayser loaned me the decoy.  Please hold your applause.

Tom McIntyre


Dear Hazel Creek,

 Just wanted y'all to know I am really enjoying using my decoy (Sabrina). This bird strutted all the way to her and slapped her in the back of the head, I then defended her with a load of #6's to his. This is the second gobbler credited to her. The day before I left her in front of my blind to follow some birds that followed a real hen away from me, guess they didn't see her. I returned a few minutes later from be hind the blind, looked around it to find a gobbler mating her. He's dead also. She’s a little beat up, missing a few feathers, broke beak, and her head is ripped a little. But she'll be just fine. This was the most fun I have had using a decoy.



Hazel Creek staff, I would like to thank you for making the hen decoy. We named our decoy 'Thelma Lou'. I used it today for the first time April 21st, 2008. It was opening day of the Missouri Turkey season. I called in two 'Big Gobblers' and they went nuts over her. I shot the first Gobbler off Thelma's back and my buddy Alan shot the second one after the Tom jumped off her. That's the truth. Both Toms tried to breed her. I have been turkey hunting for twenty plus years and have killed birds on public ground in four states. But I have never seen an adult gobbler work a decoy like I did today. We harvested the birds at 6:50AM. The only bad thing I can say was we were done to soon! Enjoy the picture.

Keep up the good work,

Jason Goldberg
Tarkio, Missouri


Big sexy strikes again on March 31st in Edgefield, SC. We actually killed one earlier (#3) in the a.m. but he did not get the opportunity to view her before we took him. The bird in the picture was a p.m. bird. We heard him gobble several hundred yards away. He responded to me only a few times.  Some jakes came in about 30 minutes later. It was at least 30 minutes after he last gobbled that he walked to the edge of the food plot, assessed the situation, saw Big Sexy and headed her way. My friend George took him at about 15 yards. Very nice bird.

Scott Major


This is Mandy's 3rd Turkey, a 23lb, 11.5" beard with 1 3/8 spurs.  The Tom was very shy coming in, but with the "Little Girl" out in the field he couldn't resist. The best part of all.... I got to call and watch the show while my wife closed the deal.  What a great way to spend a day....Thanks for a GREAT DECOY!!!!!  OH...BTW...I finished my season on the first day...3 by noon!!!   What a great product you have!!!!! Hope you have a good supply, all my buddies now are convinced and will be ordering!!!!!

Gary Berrong
Mandy Berrong
Jefferson Ga.



Your hen was a huge success on this Al bird! Thank you again for helping me out both personally/ CGH with your mounts. I am sure you will like the video/CGH program. Good luck this spring. If you need anything, give me a call.

Sam Klement


Over the past 3 years I have had the privilege to share many hunts with one of my best friends Mike Briggs. We have taken a few gobblers together in Pa, Wyoming, and S. Dakota. We have tried all the decoys you could think of. This year we opted to try the Hazel Creek Decoys after seeing them used and abused (by other gobblers) on our trip this spring to Wyoming to hunt with Seven-J outfitters. This year on the first day of Pennsylvania season we tried a new spot, however, we had no action in the morning. Around 10:00am we decided to take the Hazel Creek decoys and move to a small food plot about 500 yards away. After moving and getting our Jake and Hen Hazel Creek Decoys set up I made a few calls just in case there were any gobblers in the area, to let them know there was a hen in the area. Not less than 10 minutes passed when Mike whispered, ‘Here comes the gobbler.’ When I looked over to the right, there stood an impressive gobbler with a dead stare at the decoys. He stood there for about 30 seconds and took off on a dead sprint towards the decoys. I whispered to Mike, ‘Hurry up and shoot’, because I knew he was going to attack that Jake decoy! Attached is a picture of a nice 18lb, 9.5" beard gobbler that was completely upset that there was another bird trying to steal one of his hens. Thanks for making such awesome decoys!

Dallas Strait


Hazel Creek Real Decoys have made a huge difference in my Turkey hunting, they put the birds at ease and bring them close for easy shots with gun or bow! These decoys will fool even the smartest old Toms and at times me too! I endorse them 100%........!
Nick Mundt

Bone Collector



I was on the Powder River and heard a yelp. I sat my decoy in the sage brush and sat up next to a cottonwood. After calling and hearing some birds gobble, two Toms flew across the river. They strutted in to about 20 yards but due to the position, couldn't see the decoy. I called the birds and they walked within two feet of where I was sitting. At this point, the Toms saw the decoy and strutted up to the hen. The one dominant Tom tried to breed her and eventally kncoked her over. Not to be dettered, the Tom again mounted it the decoy while it was on its side. At that point I decided to end the show with a shot of approximately 20 feet. Many thanks. Based on this experience, I am definitely sold!

Dale Tribby



Amazing, we have had the opportunity to take the hen decoy out twice and both times we had gobblers  come right into your decoy.  Awesome hunts, I am really looking forward to getting your decoy out with all of our clients that will be hunting with us  starting this weekend!! Thanks again.........and we will be purchasing more in the future!!!!!

Triple T Hunting Adventures

My son Daniel, 10 years old, killed his first turkey behind a Hazel Creek decoy.  This was without a doubt one of the most exciting and memorable times of both our lives.  Daniel has hunted with me several times, but this hunt was particularly special.  After hearing this gobbler fly off the roost, we quickly set up our hen decoy in the roadway leading to an open field.  20 minutes of calling finally coaxed this longbeard down the road toward us.  When he rounded the corner 125 yards away, I knew he could finally see the decoy.  I told Daniel to get ready.  I didn't need to make any more calls to the bird.  He locked in on this decoy and danced up the road in full strut, spitting and drumming the entire way.  In fact, I told Daniel to just aim his gun at the head of the decoy and wait.....  The gobbler finally stopped 6 inches shy of the decoy and would probably have stayed there all day, except Daniel had other plans for him.  One shot ended the hunt, and formed a memory that will last forever in both our minds.  I have hunted turkeys in many different states, using over a dozen different types of decoys.  I can say without exception that the Hazel Creek decoys are the best in the world, bar none!!!  Longbeards lock onto them and they don't let go!!!!  Incidentally, Daniel's turkey was the third longbeard killed behind this Hazel Creek hen this season.  I went on to collect 5 more gobblers behind this decoy through the remainder of the season.  Easterns, Rios, Merriams and Osceolas alike, all of them loved this decoy.  She has now been affectionately named "Lucy" and will be a permanent part of Daniel's and my turkey hunting arsenal!

Danny Banks
Chief of Investigations
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Orlando Regional Operations Center


Amazing, we have had the opportunity to take the hen decoy out twice and both times we had gobblers come right into your decoy. We have had very little success EVER, pulling gobblers away from big groups of hens...NOT NOW!!!  Great example........this morning a group of 20 birds left the roost and of COURSE the hens were going away from us.  We called and got the attention of a gobbler and he left the hens and came right down to our single Hazel Creek Hen Decoy(14 yds).  He was spitting and drumming, it was amazing to see him leave that many birds and make a break for our set-up! Awesome hunts, I am really looking forward to getting your decoy out with all of our clients that will be hunting with us  starting this weekend!! Again, thanks and we still have a LOT of season left.  Hopefully "SHE" makes it through!! ha ha Thanks again.........and we will be purchasing more in the future!!!!!

Triple T Hunting Adventures

I roosted the birds Fri. night on the 16th of april. At least I thought I had him roosted...he was across a creek/drainge ditch on another field ..when he flew down I thought the hunt was over because I saw hens fly down also.  I crawled over to the ditch on my side and slipped in there and went down the ditch to locate him . he was about 200 yds down the hay field and walking away.. I came out of the ditch and took the jake decoy and when back in the ditch and crawled in the hay field on my side... I started calling, when he saw the jake, the race was on. I killed him at about 15 yds.

Greg Grinder