I am writing to let you know what a great job that your team did on my whitetail deer mount. The work that was done is incredible. The details were great. I am amazed at the time that your entire staff took with me during the entire process. From the moment that I dropped it off to the time I picked it up everybody was thoughtful, understanding and knowledgeable. I had the pleasure to meet you and I can tell that everything in your organization starts from the top lead by your example. In this world most people don't take time to tell about a job well done. It is easy to complain but takes effort to let some- one know when they have done a fantastic job. This is also a world that far too many people accept mediocrity and to see a company like yours that pushes the envelope for superiority and excellence is really a joy to me. I have had 4 whitetails mounted and can honestly say that finding someone to do the work that you do has been a nightmare. I will look forward to my next trophy with excitement because there will be no worries about who will work on it. Please continue to keep up the great standards. I also would like to compliment you on your office staff. I never wondered if you had received my payments or when my mount would be started or finished. Your staff kept me constantly informed about when where and how much everything would be. I have never seen that level of organization in the Taxidermy field. Thank you again and I will probably bring some of my existing mounts to you to be worked on. The work that you  and your staff do made my trophy a work of art and something that I will treasure for all my life. Thanks again.

Mike Peters

I just wanted to drop a line and tell you what a great job you guys did on my bird. I had some hunting friends over for the holidays and they were amazed at the workmanship. They are going to Nebraska this spring for toms and I am sure you will be hearing from them.

Thanks again.


I just wanted to let you know that my Oscillated turkeys arrived safe and sound, in time for our NWTF banquet tomorrow.  Please pass on to the taxidermist(s) that did the work that I couldn’t be more pleased.  That’s coming from a part time taxidermist for the last 35 years.  The workmanship on the birds, the bases and even the attitude expressed in each piece come together to compliment a strong memory of the adventure I experienced last May when I got them.  In case you are interested the trip will be broadcast March 7th at 6PM on the Vs. Network – “Escape to the Wild”.  Also the 8th, 9th & 13th.

Again, thank you all for your professional attention to detail.  They are fantastic!

Gary Green

I fully endorse Hazel Creek Taxidermy! With their attention to detail, their knowledge of Species and their dedication to perfection, I can say that Hazel Creek Taxidermy is second to none! I use Hazel Creek for all of my Taxidermy. You can rest easy knowing your finest trophies are in good hands!!!!

Nick Mundt
Bone Collector


I just wanted to drop you a line this morning and let you know how much I appreciate the job you did on my osceola turkey. It was just dropped off yesterday and I was absolutely blown away. I have a picture of that bird clearing the palmettos, in full strut, burned into my memory and it is something I will take to my grave. When I opened the box and saw that mount, it could not have been a more accurate depiction. When I decided to send my bird to Hazel Creek, I had so many people telling me "I know a guy that will mount your turkey for half that price!" These same guys that told me that have now seen the work and every one of them said "You did the right thing sending it to them, that is the most gorgeous turkey mount I have ever seen!" Hazel Creek's attention to detail and ability to repair and replace feathers and damaged areas is second to none and I could not be more pleased, the only bad thing is that it makes every other mount in my house look bad. I have hunted and fished my whole life and have 35 taxidermy pieces in my home.  I thought I knew good taxidermy until I saw your work, I have really been missing out over the years.  Needless to say you will have my return business along with the rest of my turkey hunting buddies that have seen your work!! Thanks again and have a great day!

Ryan Cook

This thanks goes out to all the staff at Hazel Creek. Thanks for treating me like family. I never had customer service like that from any other company I've dealt with. And a special thanks to Adam & Dave for helping me get what i need . Keep up the good work ! 

Ed Kephart 

I just received my rio mount and it looks awesome!  You guys are truly unbelieveable "artists", not taxidermists.  I am so proud to have my grand slam bird mounted by you guys.

Chris Walls

The bird looks GREAT !!!!!!!!  With the Royal Slam complete only one more to go.....  Just want to say thanks to you and the rest of the team for a job well done!!!

Dave Wolf

Just wanted to take a minute and thank David for the superior customer service this afternoon! The double my wife Susan and I brought in for mounting was an exceptional turkey hunting experience for us and we knew we wanted to try and capture that experience in a double mount. David took the time and noted every detail we relayed and added to our ideas with the knowledge and skills he has spent a career compiling. I knew when I visited Hazel Creek last fall with an MDC tour, that if I ever wanted to have a turkey mounted, that is where I would come. Little did I know I would be bringing two in this spring! I hope the months fly by - my wife and I can't wait to see how David's vision to capture our hunt takes its final form. Thanks again for having such quality staff and a top notch business operation!

Bob Dewitt