Colorado Elk/Mule Deer Hunt 2010Sep 24, 2010

     As you all may know from last yearís news posts, I go to Colorado to elk hunt with Redwing Outfitters every year.  Me and my camera man Jesse normally spend the entire month of September chasing big bulls all over Southeast Colorado. This year was no different than the others except for 2 major things.  The first thing is that both Jesse and I drew archery Mule deer tags, and the second is that I drew a bear tag.  This meant that between the two of us going into camp, we could actually video an elk kill, two mule deer kills, and a bear kill, not to mention the kills of all the other hunters that were to arrive in camp! I was fired up to say the least!!
     Well itís been a week and a half, and things keep happening to keep me fired up!  To start with, Jesse smoked a big muley at 50 yards on the second day!  The video is fast, but it is still cool, and Jesse was smiling ear to ear.  It was his first mule deer, his first deer in the velvet, and it was huge! The hunt started off better than ever, and it just got better from there.  Four days later, I had a big muley on the ground! We came up on the deer, and I had to make a decision as to whether or not I wanted to take a 62 yard shot. Fortunately, I had been practicing from 60 and 70 all day long, and I was ready.  The arrow tucked right behind the shoulder, and the deer crashed on camera!  I never expected to have two giant mule deer on the ground that quickly.  Bob Daugherty and Redwing Outfitters have an amazing mule deer population this year! Here are some of the other deer that we have gotten pictures of during the first week!


Jesse's Mule deer standing before the shot.


Jesse shows of his mule deer


Jesse uses the Hunt Ve to haul out his mule deer.


My muley standing before the shot.


Bob helps me show off my muley.


A big muley laying down.



A wide 3x3 muley.

     The first group of hunters came in to camp on a Sunday. The hunters were a father and son team of Joe and Paul Dalik, and their friend Rob Bahremburg. They immediately tuned their bows in by shooting at the elk target I bring every year.  I knew right away that those boys were good shots, but what I didnít know was how quickly they were going to use those skills.   Rob had his bull down at 6:45 on Monday morning!  His guide Steve Fernandez called a really nice bull all the way to 10 yards, and Rob kept his composure and made a great shot!  Both Joe and his son Paul had good hunts that morning, but did not connect with a bull.  That was okay though, because they both stuck good bulls that evening!  I was running the camera for Paul, and Bob was running the elk calls.  Paul was ready for any situation, and made a perfect 40 yard shot on the biggest bull of his hunting career.  Meanwhile, Jesse was with Steve Fernandez, Urbano Garcia, and Joe Dalik at the bottom of a big canyon.  Steve was running the calls, and Urbano was ranging and spotting bulls as they chased cows all over the meadow at.  The video is one of the best Iíve ever seen, and Joe watched his first bull elk crash at no more than 70 yards away.  Those three guys broke a Redwing record by tagging 3 bulls in one day, and every minute of it was caught on video!!


Rob's bull before he shot it.


Rob Bahremburg with his bull.


Paul Dalik's Bull before the shot.


Paul Dalik's Bull before the shot.


Joe Daliks Bull before the shot.


Joe Dalik with his bull.


Joe Dalik, Rob Bahremburg, and Paul Dalik with their racks.

    This year is going better than I could have ever hoped for, and we still have 2 weeks left! I consider Joe, Paul, and Rob my good friends now and I really hope I get to hunt with them again soon. Stay tuned for more elk camp stories!