Back to Big N' J. The last hunt of the year.May 26, 2010

    Our season had slowly wrapped itself up after our Montana/Wyoming turkey hunt, and we were on our way home when a phone call convinced us to make just one more road trip.  Sean Wuller (of Big N' J Industries of course) called and asked if we wanted to hunt one last time in Nebraska.  I thought about it and remembered that we had unfinished business in that state.  The last time we were there, everyone killed a turkey on film except Jeremy 'J' Atkins.  He killed one but it was a last day rush, so the video wasn't very good, and I really wanted to get him a solid kill on camera.  I let them know for sure we would be there, drove home to drop off a load of frozen turkeys, and quickly left again for Grand Island, Nebraska.  
    It is important to remember that we were headed to Nebraska on May 26th! It was going to be the latest I had ever turkey hunted, and I was having my doubts about how the turkeys were going to react to my calls.  The grass was really tall, the temperature was in the 90's, and we were going to hunt turkeys.  The idea just seemed almost ridiculous to me.  Never the less, we headed out bright and early on the 27th.  The day treated us exactly like I had expected, and the birds barely gobbled after leaving the roost.  We hunted all day in the heat with nothing but sweat to bring home.  I decided to give it another day, but if we had the same results, I was most likely going to call my turkey season finished.
    The next day we hunted the turkeys like deer, and set up right on their feeding pattern.  After about two hours of waiting/sleeping, we finally had one old gobbler, and 3 hens come our way.  The old bird had definitely been called at before, and he wasn't sure if he wanted to leave his three ladies.  He got just a little bit too curious though, and walked within range of Jeremy's Benelli.  With the gobbler's head sticking up out of the grass, Jeremy put some Federal # 5's right where he needed.  It was a great shot, and a great kill for Jeremy!


Cally peeks through the grass.


Jeremy's Turkey comes in.


Sean keeps an eye on it as it moves in.



Jeremy takes aim.




    Just like that, our turkey season for 2010 was over.  We finished the year with an unbelievable 48 TURKEY KILLS ON VIDEO!!  I got to hunt with many of my good friends, and I had a great time with all of them.  This turkey season is one that I will never forget, and I cannot wait until next year when we can do it all over again!