Old West Inviational Turkey Shoot in WyomingMay 12, 2010

   The Old West Invitational Turkey Shoot was a fun and interesting event to be involved in.  The idea behind the event was a fundraiser for the Community Center in Hulett, Wyoming and the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of Wyoming.  The interesting part of the event was how the money was raised.  The ranchers around the area sold hunts for a set price, and all of the hunters who bought the hunts had their names put into a drawing.  They then drew the names out and placed everyone in teams of 2, and assigned each team a guide.  They then held an auction in which each team was bid on by whoever wanted to bid.  The combined scores of each hunter's bird determined the winning team.  The team and the person who bought that team split part of the prize money.  The rest of the money went towards the Community Center and the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of Wyoming.






Big Red trekking through the Badlands.




    I went there, not to pull the trigger, but to film Paul Bogart's hunt. He is the one who originally told me about the event, and that he was going to not only sing there, but hunt as well.   Paul got me in contact with the right people, and I was set to tag along with him and lend a hand with my decoys.  He was teamed up with a fella from Brunton Outdoor Group named Chris Currah.  Since Chris had never killed a turkey and Paul had, the decision was made to let Chris shoot first.  Our guide's name was Wayne Jordan, and we were hunting his grandparents' beautiful ranch.  
    Unfortunately, the first day was unsuccessful for us.  It was the first day all year, if you can believe it, that we had been skunked.  We didn't let that bother us, and we went out the next morning and called Chris in a big gobbler. Two birds actually came in, but Paul was unable to get a shot at the second.  Chris became yet another first time turkey killer. I think we must have taken at least 10 people this year and captured their first kill on video.  We tried as hard as we could for the rest of the day to get Paul a bird, but we were unsuccessful.  The hunt was only a two-day deal, and unfortunately we were not able to get Paul a turkey.

Chris' bird coming in.


Chris follows his bird to the decoys.


Paul and Chris discuss the hunt.




From Left: Cally, Paul, Wayne, and Chris


    Even though we didn't get the second bird, and we lost the game, we still had a great time.  Both Chris Currah, and Wayne Jordan are great guys, and I really hope they are there next year so we can hang out again.  We always have a great time with Paul and as usual he did an awesome job singing on Friday and Saturday night. Hulett is a great place to visit.  The scenery is awesome and the place is filled with wonderful people.



Paul entertaining the crowd.