The Guys Turn In Nebraska With Big N'JApr 19, 2010

    As I mentioned in the news about the sisters hunt, there were other people there who were eager to hunt.  The first person on the list after the girls was Paul Bogart.  Like Annetta's two sisters, Paul had never killed a turkey before.  He was a diehard bow hunter for whitetail, but he was never introduced to turkey hunting. I like taking first time hunters as much as I like hunting myself, and be it a turkey, a deer, or a squirrel, it is always a pleasure to see someone take their first trophy.

    Paul did just that, and in fact, Paul killed his first three turkeys while we were there.  The first one was good, but I could tell that by the third turkey, I had turned Paul into a lifelong, dedicated turkey hunter.  It just kept getting better and better for him.


Paul Bogart geared up and ready to go.



Paul and Jesse set up.


Paul scores!





From Left: Seth Atkins, Jeremy Atkins, Paul Bogart, Sean Wuller, Kevin Devorak, and Cally

    During the entire hunt with the girls and with Paul, Sean Wuller was tagging along, carrying decoys, driving us around, taking photos, and waiting patiently for his chance to kill a gobbler.  He got his chance, and it didn't take long for us to have a big strutter right in front of him.  His hunt however, turned into the longest hunt of the year for us.  That gobbler stood behind our strutting decoy for 17 solid minutes without ever giving Sean a clear shot.  Jesse, Sean, and Paul were all trying as hard as they could to get the turkey's attention, but nothing would work.  It was like the turkey was completely deaf and blind to all things around.   Fortunately, after that long wait, the turkey moved the necessary 3 feet, and presented a shot for Sean.  It was a cool hunt that I'm sure none of us will ever forget.





Sean set up for the shot.




Sean and Paul show off their birds.

    After that, the last person on the list to video was Jeremy Atkins.  He had been going with Nick Mundt the entire weekend, and didn't have a chance to kill.  On the last day, after Arika killed her birds, Jeremy went with us.  At the very last minute before we all had to leave, Jeremy had his chance.  It was not great video, but we ended up getting Jeremy a bird.  We snuck up on two gobblers by themselves and stuck the decoys in the ground where the birds would see them just as they walked over a rise in a hill.  They didn't follow the script and came in from the wrong direction for good video.  By the time Jesse could see the turkeys with the camera, they were about 5 steps away, and quickly realized that they were tricked.  With a few quick shots from Jeremy, two gobblers were on the ground, and we were still 100% for the year.


Seth Atkins, Jeremy Atkins, and Kevin Devorak



From Left: Kevin Wood, Paul Bogart, Jeremy Atkins, Cally, Sean Wuller, Kevin Devorak

    We quickly packed up our stuff and left for the truck. Once again, I can't thank the Big N 'J crew enough for everything they did for us while we were there. That is definitely one hunt that I cannot wait to go on again!


One of our set ups.



Terry and Kevin Devorak


Cally and Kevin