Sisters Hunt With Big N' J IndustriesApr 17, 2010

    The best thing about hunting is that it is one of the only sports that a family can partake in together, and enjoy it no matter what level of experience each person has.  Early this year, Annetta came up with the idea of a turkey hunt with her sisters. She is the middle daughter in a family of three girls, and even though they grew up out in the country, they did little hunting.  When Annetta met me, we immediately started hunting together, but her sisters started raising families, and simply didn't have as much time to hunt as Annetta and I did.  This spring was going to put an end to that, and Annetta made it her goal to get her sisters hooked on turkey hunting!
    Angie, Annetta's older sister, and her husband Chuck live and raise cattle just down the road from us.  They raised and put two girls through college and are busy keeping up with their younger daughter and son and their activities.  Needless to say, between working, helping out on the farm, and raising kids, Angie is a very busy girl.  When Annetta told Angie that she wanted to put the turkey hunt together, Angie was very excited, and the biggest issue was simply finding enough time in her schedule to get it done.


Angie and Cally.

    Lynnette is Annetta's younger sister, and is coincidentally married to our Freeze Drying manager Trever.  She works as an R.N. at the local hospital and raises FIVE kids who are all in school at the same time!  Like Angie, she is a very good mom, but finding time to hunt isn't exactly on top of her list of priorities.  Again, Annetta made it her goal to change that list of priorities, and get her little sister addicted to turkey hunting.


Lynette and Cally.

    After we had the confirmation that both Angie and Lynnette were both excited to go turkey hunting with Annetta, the next obstacle was finding a place to go.  We thought it would be the ultimate hunt if we could call three gobblers into our decoys and have all three sisters shoot birds in one set-up, and we wanted to hunt in a place where the odds of that happening were the best.  It was around that time when I was developing a strong relationship with one of our sponsors Big&J Industries out of Grand Island, Nebraska.  If you have been keeping up with our news, you have seen who these guys are and what they are about.  Jeremy Atkins and Sean Wuller are deer management experts, and their product BB2 is the best deer attractant and mineral supplement that I have ever used.  Aside from during deer season, I have been feeding my deer with their stuff for a year now, and I am already seeing great results.  Anyhow, that's a story for another day.  Today's story has to do with the number of turkeys that Nebraska has.  You will be hard pressed to find a state in this country with more birds than Nebraska, and Annetta and I could think of no better place for her and her sisters to go than there.  Jeremy and Sean said they could get plenty of ground for us to hunt, and that they were excited to have us, so we set the dates.


The Nebraska Countryside


The girls with Jeremy of Big N' J.


Jeremy beside the Big N' J Rig.


Sean of Big N' J and the girls.


    Before we knew it, April was here and the girls were packing their bags.  It's about a six hour drive to Grand Island from our shop, so the girls got in the back of Big Red, and we were on our way.  We got there with just enough time to shoot the guns, and set the plan for Angie to shoot first the next morning.  If 3 birds came in, then Angie would go first, then Lynnette, and Annetta would follow up with the third shot.  Jeremy made sure to find us some great property to hunt, and some great guys to show us those properties.  We spent most of our time hunting with a fella named Kevin Dvorak.  He and another good guy Kevin Wood "Woody" along with Jeremy had all the birds scoped out when we got there.  They knew where the birds were and what those birds liked to do off the roost.  Kevin Dvorak was our guide, and Woody took another fella by the name of Nick Mundt.  Yes that's the same Nick Mundt that's on the Outdoor Channel. Nick surprised us when we got there, and his plan was to film his girlfriend Arika kill a couple turkeys.  It was good to see him and Arika again, although we had so much going on that we did not get the chance to hunt together.  Arika did however smash two turkeys on video while we were there.


The girls and Cally check out their aim.





Jerry and Ann Atkins (Jeremy's Dad and Mom)


Arika and Nick



Cally's Angels


From Left: Jerry, Chad, Seth, Jeremy, Lynette, Nick, Arika, Angie, Annetta, Ann, Sean, Cally

    After the sun came up the first morning, we had no turkeys on the ground.  The first set-up was a bust because the birds flew the other way off the roost, but the second set-up was right on the money.  Only one gobbler came in, but Angie put him two feet up in a hurry!  Angie killed her first turkey on video, and to make it even better, it was with her two sisters! It felt really great to see all three of them hugging around, but after the moment soaked in, it was time for Lynnette and Annetta to have their turn.


The girls with Kevin and Cally on their way to the setup.



Our first set up was a bust but everyone had fun.



    We all got in the truck, went to a different property, and on the very first set-up we called in two strutters.  The birds came right in to about 15 yards, but they weren't sure if they could beat up our strutting decoy, so they started to walk off.  By that time though, they were too close, and Lynnette made one of them pay for it! Although it did take her three shots, she hung in there (she loves pulling the trigger).   We were 2 for 3 on our set-ups that morning, and like Angie, Lynnette killed her first turkey ever!  I couldn't believe it, we got them their first turkeys, and the first day wasn't even over.  We were confident that we would get Annetta a bird that afternoon or the next morning.



From Left: Cally, Angie, Kevin Dvorak, and Terry Devorak


Setting up the Hazel Creek Decoys


The gang's ready to smash some turkeys.



    We decided to take the rest of that day off for recuperation, because Paul Bogart was in town singing at a local bar, and we wanted the energy to be able to watch him sing that night.  During his show,  the Big N' J crew surprised Annetta with a birthday cake, and brought it out for all so see.  Annetta didn't want her birthday to take the focus off of the hunt,  so she kept it to herself, and she was very surprised to see that big cake come out of the crowd. My favorite part was when Paul sang her Happy Birthday in front of everyone. It was a great night; Paul put on a good show, and we were all excited to hunt the next morning.  




    We headed out the next morning with very high expectations.   The girls all had three tags, and even though there were others there who were ready to hunt, we all decided to let the girls try one more time to kill three gobblers in one set-up.  Like it was written in a script, we had not just 3 birds come in, we had 6 big strutters come in like they were going to beat our decoys to pieces.  They had no idea what they were in for though, because when those girls get behind the Benelli shotguns, bad things happen to turkeys.  Annetta smashed the first one off the top of our hen decoy, then Angie put two down in one shot, and Lynnette blasted the 4th turkey before he could get away!  We all ran out there to pick up the four turkeys and it was like their wedding day they were so excited!  I was pretty fired up myself because in my life I have never seen 4 turkeys get killed in one set-up, it was all on film to boot! Jesse was behind one camera, and Caleb was behind another.  Let me tell ya, this is one of the best turkey hunts that I have ever been involved in.  It's not just because of the 4 birds being shot, but because it was 3 sisters, two of which just killed their first turkey the day before, coming together to make a memory that will last a lifetime! To me, that's what hunting is all about.





The girls setup to take their shots.




Angie shows off.


From Left: Jesse, Annetta, Sean, Angie, Paul, Lynette, Cally and Caleb

     I'm sure I can speak for all the girls when I say that we can't thank Kevin Dvorak enough for all he did while we were there. He is a great guide, and an even better person.  We only got to hunt with Woody for one day, but hope to hunt with him again sometime very soon.  Last but not least, that hunt would not have been possible without Sean, Jeremy, and all of Jeremy's family that helped us out while we were there.  If you haven't heard of Big and J Industries, you better look them up at WWW.BIGANDJ.COM. They are great guys running a great company that is growing fast!


Cally grabs hold of two turkeys.


DSC_0009 2_1.jpg

Kevin Dvorak, our guide.