Kansas Turkey 2010May 12, 2010

    As you may know from previous news posts, I try to make it down to hunt with my friend Jeff Gerard any chance I can get.  He has a great spot in Kansas that is perfect for turkey hunting or deer hunting, and he is always generous enough to let me hunt with him!
    We had just finished hunting with my niece Lynn in Missouri, and we had planned to introduce Jeff to Paul Bogart, and have a five-day turkey hunt with the goal of getting Paul and my cameraman Jesse a couple turkeys.  Jesse was fired up because it was his first chance to carry a gun on a Rio Grande turkey hunt, and with a kill he was going to finish his grand slam!  Unfortunately, Paul’s house was a part of the major flooding around Nashville, and he had his hands full taking care of that situation.  I felt horrible for Paul and his wife Tanya, for there’s nothing worse than having a natural disaster tear apart all your belongings.  With Paul stuck in Nashville, we still had the rest of our hunting schedule to finish up, so we waited a few days and took off for Kansas.
    Jesse was first up with the gun, so I got behind his camera for only the second time since we’ve owned it.  It didn’t take long though, before a big gobbler was strutting amongst our decoys.  It was all set up to be our typical turkey hunt, with the big strutter walking in, working the decoys, and giving us a great show. That is when some jakes decided to disrupt the show and run our old turkey off.  They turned our classic hunt into a quick “kill him, BOOM” kind of hunt.  Never the less, Jesse killed his first Rio Grande gobbler, and finished up his grand slam with a great shot!  His hunt will be a perfect teaching segment to show people how jakes can run old gobblers off and quickly turn easy hunts into hard, hectic hunts where you have to shoot quickly before your trophy is out of range. It makes it even harder when you have to pull the trigger quickly without shooting a jake in the process.


The bird comes strutting in.


Jakes come running in to run Jesse's turkey off.


The jakes put a whooping on him.


Jesse's bird gets pushed away.


The bird takes a load of #7's in the face.



    After we finished up that hunt, Jeff and I both got behind the gun, and it was first come first serve for us.  Whichever one of us had the easiest shot was going to be the first one to shoot.  We really wanted to double, and our plan almost worked to perfection, except for the fact that once again the turkeys didn’t read the script.  We were set up facing the direction that we thought the birds were going to be coming from, when I turned around to look behind me and saw two big long beards staring right at me.  The bird that was farthest from me took off, but the closest bird got a good look at the jake and hen decoys and decided he wanted a little taste of them.  He made a loop around us and ran straight in to beat up the jake.  I said “Jeff, kill him, Jeff Kill him,” but he didn’t have his gun ready, so I gladly took the shot!  


The bird tries to win a staring contest.


Cally's bird beats the jake up.


The aftermath.


A little fist bump action between Cally and Jeff.


Cally show where the bird came in from.


Not a bad two days of hunting.


The Benelli Vinci strikes again!

    We left Kansas with our 44th kill on video, and we still have three more hunts before our spring is finished.  50 is looking more and more possible every day!  Thanks Jeff for another great hunt in Kansas.