Colorado Turkey Hunt with Redwing OutfittersApr 27, 2010

   We left Nebraska with 33 turkey kills on film, and of all the camps we had been to, our total kills were up to 43!! Can you believe that??  We took our good luck and drove Big Red to Colorado for another trip to visit Bob and Jennafer Daugherty and Redwing Outfitters.


   The most exciting thing about hunting out West is the fact that the birds are pure Merriams. That means we get white tipped, loud mouthed, in our face, beautiful turkeys to hunt every single day!  As you know from Vol. 1 of Bringiní It Home, I have hunted with Bob for several years, and I always seem to have perfect hunts! In fact, I have elk hunted with him for 4 years, Aoudad hunted with him 1 year, Big Horn Sheep hunted with him 1 year, and turkey hunted with him for 4 years, and to date, I am 100% across the board!  If that doesnít say great things about Redwing Outfitters, then I donít know what will.  Oh yeah, did I mention that every single kill has been caught on video?  Needless to say, he runs a top-notch outfit!
   This year was one of the worst years for snow and bad weather in Colorado that Bob had seen in a while. There was no snow on the ground when we got there, but Bob said that the weather had been cold and snowy for longer than normal, and the birds were simply not gobbling or paying attention to calls.  I took that as a personal challenge to get every hunter I had with us a bird.
   This year I invited my good friend Mike Wyant, and his two sons Michael and Adam for the first week of hunting.  As I mentioned, the birds didnít want to work, but over the course of the next 4 days, we got all of them a turkey.  Adam was the last to kill, and even though it was snowing, his bird literally ran 200 yards straight at our jake decoy!  It was an awesome hunt!


From Left: Michael, Mike and Adam


Mike's ready to go!


Adam and Mike ready for a day of hard hunting!



The family's all together.


The guys show off their hard work.



   After those boys left, Dr. Chris Edwards, and his brother Jamie showed up to kill their first Merriams. I met Dr. Chris last year in elk camp, and over the course of his hunt, I convinced him to hunt with Bob during turkey season.  He came in with high hopes, and we were able to fulfill them perfectly!  It only took him and his brother 2 days to get their birds, and Chrisís turkey was a total smash on video!


Jaime shows off his bird.


Chris with his bird.



From Left: Bob, Jaime, Chris, and Cally.

   That made the total kill in the Redwing Camp 4 in 4 days!  It was then time for Annetta to strap the Benelli over her shoulder, and as it always seems to go during turkey season at Red Wing, she only had to hunt for about 2 hours! We called her gobbler right in, and he immediately jumped up on our jake decoy. She smashed his head in the midst of a full stretch gobble!  She has had 3 AWESOME turkey hunts this year, and all on video!


Jesse's all ready to go!



From Left: Annetta, Jennafer, Cally, and Bob

   The next morning, I went out and smashed the third leg of my Grand Slam! I have killed all four North American turkeys before, but for one reason or another, I have never done it in the same year, so this year is my year!  The only bird I have left is the Eastern, and Iím headed back to Missouri right now to complete the task! Wish me luck!!



Our Hunt-Ve goes everywhere with us!