She Did It! Lynn gets her first turkey May 3, 2010

   Our niece Lynn attends a lot of shows with us each year and was ready to find out what turkey hunting was all about for herself.  She has never hunted before but enjoys the outdoors and was excited to give it a try.


Lynn joins us for a show.

   We came back from two weeks of hunting in Nebraska and Colorado with our season in Missouri already in its third week.  The sentiment from the hunters at home was that season was a little late, the numbers are down, and it was probably going to be tough. 
   Lynn came out the night before to roost birds.  Things were off to a poor start as we did not hear a peep.  So it was off to one of our “lucky spots”, you know one of “those never fail spots”. She started out her first morning with a gobbler on the roost not more than 150 yards away but he was also in the company of a very vocal, very possessive hen friend.  Needless to say they did not fly down our way and although he gave us a great morning of gobbling he would not break down and come in.  Another set up and nothing.  We decided to call it a day and hope that we would have better luck tomorrow. 
   Morning two we got set up and just about the time we thought there was not a turkey around, a gobbler gobbled his head off on the roost less than 100 yards from us.  He was totally fired up and on a normal hunt would be every hunters dream.  Unfortunately for Lynn this was not an average hunt, this was a filmed hunt and we had our entire set up in exactly the opposite direction than needed to catch it on film.  We were left with no option except to not call, let him fly down, change our set up, then call at him, and hope he comes in.  Sounds complicated, well it was and no he didn’t.  Our next two set ups, left us calling at gobblers that responded but would not come in close enough to see our decoys.
   Morning three (Lynn’s last morning to hunt) three different set ups, and we still could not get a gobbler to commit and even come our direction.  With time ticking down, I told Lynn at 11:00 we are going to go over the hill, find the turkey and either spook him or kill him.

   I have spent most of my life as a cold blooded animal killer and those instincts kicked in.  I was coming out of the creek into a narrow strip of woods when I simultaneously heard drumming and saw a white head.  I told everyone behind me (Lynn, Annetta, Aaron Carter who was running a still camera, and cameraman Caleb) to get down.  From that point on all I cared about was Lynn killing this turkey.  With an incline and brush to cover some of our movements, we all changed positions.  Caleb took over my camera, Annetta took over Caleb’s camera and Lynn and I started doing the army low crawl to get to a spot where Lynn could get a shot.
   Lynn and I moved while the gobbler had his head down in the grass of the meadow he was strutting in.  We were able to get her set up in a good spot take a shot.  He stuck his head up and Lynn blew him over.  She made an awesome shot at 46 yards.  Although this is not the textbook turkey hunt that I wanted for her, Lynn now has the art of low crawling mastered and a great turkey hunting story of her own.


Lynn with her very first turkey.



Cally looks Lynn's bird over.


Everyone gathers around to check it out.




Lynn packs her bird out.



Aaron Carter (left) gets in on the action.


Congratulations on a great hunt Lynn!



Lynn and Annetta goofing around.



Cally, Annetta, Lynn, and Caleb on the way to the truck.