Mat “Heavy” Long Visits The ShopMay 7, 2010

   Our shop isn’t exactly located in a spot that is “on the way” to any particular place. So it's always a treat when we have one of our friends come visit.  Mat Long is not only my friend, but he is the Hunt-Ve Marketing and Sales Rep. They hook me up with all my Hunt-Ve gear.  He was traveling close by on business, and decided to drop in for short visit.
   What he didn’t realize was that our place is located a long way from any gas station, and by the time he got here his fuel tank was almost empty.  Fortunately for him, we had an extra jug of fuel in the back of Big Red.  I always keep an extra jug just in case I let my fuel get a little too low and run out.  We gave him enough to get him to the closest gas station, and we sent him on his way.


Wes fills the empty tank as Heavy looks on like he doesn't know what happened.


Don't look now, there's nothing to see here.


Wes looks like he may have done this a few times.

   His visit goes further to show how strong of a bond we have with Hunt-Ve, and I’m excited to keep working with them for many years to come.


Hey Heavy, isn't there suppose to be another Game Changer here for us?? Just kidding, ours works great!


Thanks for stopping by Mat!