Texas Turkey Hunting with Hunt-VeApr 5, 2010

   It’s been a great pleasure to have Hunt-Ve as a sponsor for Bringin’ It Home not only because it is a great product, but also because the people that represent the product are great people.  
    Our second turkey hunt of the year took us down to South Texas to hunt with outiftter Greg Simmons of Wildlife Systems on the H Yturria Ranch.  I heard great things about the ranch, so I invited the Hunt-Ve crew and booked the hunt!
    We put the pressure on Greg when we showed up at 4 a.m. (after a 9 hour drive) and told him that we were ready to hunt that morning, but he did not disappoint us.  Jesse and I, along with Mat “Heavy” Long took out that first morning and laid down some incredible footage.  Mat, who is the marketing director for Hunt-Ve,  had never killed a turkey, so he was first up to shoot the Benelli.  His turkey strutted in from about 300 yards right to our strutter decoy, and Mat turned the beehive loose at less than 15 yards!


From Left: Outfitter Greg Simmons of Wildlife Systems, Heavy of Hunt Ve, and Cally

Jesse and Mat Long with Mat's second bird ever!

    We continued that success for the next two and a half days, racking up 10 turkey kills, 8 of which that were on film! Mike Waters (Dealer of Hunt-Ve and President of Waters Truck and Tractor) shot a bird off the top of our hen decoy, and the impact of that shot is one of the best ones I have ever seen.  I went out with Ben King (owner of Hunt-Ve) and filmed him shoot a beauty of a bird, and as we were checking it out, another turkey started coming in, so I had to give Ben a quick how-to with the video camera, and he filmed me shoot another big bird.  It was an incredible hunt, and Ben did an amazing job for his first time behind a video camera.


Mike Waters and Jesse with Mike's "Off the Top" Turkey.


Ben King Poses with the gobbler he shot and Cally's gobbler.


One of our guides Ruben Fernandez holds the turkeys that Cally and Ben shot.


Ben King and Cally pose with their birds.

    John Sumrall (General Manager of Waters Truck and Tractor), the man who originally introduced me to the Hunt-Ve electric cart, also shot a great bird on film.  He and Mike Waters have both killed several turkeys in their lives, and it was nice to see them experience turkey hunting over our decoys.  The decoys add another dimension to the hunt that excites even the most seasoned veterans!


Cally and John Sumrall with John's big Rio.


Cally and John show off John's trophy.

    It was a great turkey camp, and I can’t wait until the next year when the Hunt-Ve crew and I get together in South Texas, and do it all over again!


Mike Waters and Ben King after a long day of hunting.


Mike and John had a great hunt, and were already booked for next year!!


We decided that Mat is the new head for our Bringin it Home tattoo!! 


Ben King poses with his Turkey in front of the Hunt-Ve.


The Hunt-Ve crew and the trophies from a very successful hunt. By the way, two more were added to the bunch the next morning!


Mat is King of the Hill.


Thanks to Hunt-Ve and everyone else for a great time!