Big Red Takes a Turn For The WorstApr 15, 2010

     As we were cruising down the road at a cool 70 miles per-hour, Jesse and I heard a strange noise.  I couldnít figure out what it was until I realized that I had no power, no breaks, nothing. We were just coasting down the road and it was as if our engine had choked to death. We both looked at each other like, ummm what do we do now??
    We called every mechanic that we knew, and did exactly what they told us we needed to do, but nothing worked. The motor just wouldnít start, and we were stranded. And thatís not the worst of it, because after we realized that we werenít going to get it fixed by ourselves, we then came to the conclusion that it was Easter Sunday!!
    We were stranded along side of the road with a 60Ď long truck and trailer on one of the worst days of the year to get a tow! After searching and searchinÖ.and searching, we finally found a tow service that would come pick us up and take us to the only GM dealer that we felt like we could trust.
    974 dollars and 56 miles later, our big red truck made its way to James Wood Chevrolet in Denton, Texas.  I was still upset over the ridiculous tow bill, but I was happy to have my truck inside a locked facility.  I filled out the little form outside their office door, and dropped off my keys. I then had to figure out how I was going to get to the turkey camp I needed to be at. Luckily, Mat Long and Ben King of Hunt-ve live right near there, and we piled our stuff up high and took off for the 9 hour drive south.
    The next time I saw the truck, it was in pieces, but the guys at the dealership were great people, and they worked their butts off to get my truck back to working order.  I ended up having to replace the fuel injector pump, and all 8 injectors. It was a pricey fix, but we got it back on the road, and itís running perfectly fine now.  If you are ever down near Denton, Texas, and you are having car trouble, the boys at James Wood Chevrolet provide top rate service, and I seriously recommend them.


Tommy Brooks (shop manager) holds a very chewed up, and very important part of the fuel injector pump.


Close up of Tommy holding the busted gear!


Look at that poor thing.


Jerry Hawkins and Tommy Brooks giving Cally the "What For"


Jerry, Cally, and Tommy looking tough.


They told me it looked worse than that before I got there!


Tim Swain on the Left was the head mechanic on the job.  He and all the other fellas who worked on the truck did a great job, and I can't thank them enough!

    Hey, if thatís the worst thing that happens to us this spring, then Iíll be a happy hunter!