Benelli On Assignment with Federal ATK Apr 16, 2010

   For the third year in a row, Jesse and I went down to help out Joe Coogan and Steve  Mckelvain wth their show Benelli On Assignment.  They team up with Federal ATK ammunition to show several outdoor writers their new guns and ammo.  Our duty is always to provide decoys for the show, and aid in helping them kill turkeys.




    After putting 10 turkeys on the ground in Texas already, we were ready for the challenge of providing all the writers with successful hunts. Now, I realize that putting decoys out is only part of the game, but Iím happy to announce that every writer smashed a turkey.  In fact, every person at the camp had their chance to kill one, if not two or three!

    I spent most of my time hunting with Steve Mckelvain, and let me tell yaí, we did a number on those birds.  On our first morning out, we took President and C.E.O. of ATK Mark DeYoung, and his son Curtis.  Two long beards strutted in and they both met their maker, with the action caught on two cameras to remember forever. It was a great start to the weekend!


Left to right: Mark DeYoung, Bob Robb, Curtis DeYoung


Bob Robb, Cally, and Joe Coogan sit on Big Red.


Steve, Bob, Cally, and Joe

    The next morning, Steve and I decided we needed to try for a double of our own, and right after sunrise, we did just that.  We had two tanks run straight at our decoys, oblivious of the guns pointed at their heads.  Steve smashed the first one, and just before the second bird could clear out, I laid the hammer down. For those of you who donít know, thatís the second time that Steve and I have shot multiple birds together in Texas.  We are starting a great tradition together, one that I hope we keep up for many years in the future.  


Steve McKelvain and Cally


Cally goofing around in the wild flowers.


Cally and Jesse in the flowers.

   Possibly the most exciting thing about the entire weekend was getting to hunt with Milton Greeson, the owner of the ranch.  He was happy to have us all there, but he really didnít get fired up about turkey hunting himself. That is until he got to hunt with us, and use our decoys.  He killed his first bird in amazing fashion, as Jesse filmed the bird walk straight down his gun barrel right to our decoy spread. That was just the beginning however, as he followed that kill up with two more!  I think I can safely say that we got him completely hooked on turkey hunting!


Milton Greeson's 2nd Turkey Smash that Steve Caught with his still camera.


The Aftermath

    We ended the weekend with a total of 14 turkey kills, and we were a part of 10 of them!  It was a great time to say the least.  We had perfect weather, and the birds seemed to be working every time we set up. This is one of the best turkey seasons that I have ever had, and we are not even half way done!! Stay tuned for more turkey smashing stories


Cally and Jesse


Cally in front of the 14 birds killed!


Cally with all the writers and the owner of Sarco Creek.  Left to Right: Cally, Peter Matheisen, Steve Gash, Bob Robb,
Milton Greeson (Owner)