Paul plays the BluebirdMar 17, 2010
While in Nashville we were lucky enough to not only spend an evening at the Bluebird Café but we also got to watch our good friend Paul Bogart perform.  Paul along with three other singer songwriters performed in a rotation.  The performance is all about the songwriting and lyrics.  We enjoyed watching Paul and the others share the stories and inspirations behind their songs.  We were very surprised when Paul performed the Bringin’ It Home song for the crowd.  We were a little apprehensive when Paul asked how many in the crowd were hunters and not very many hands went up.  That did not slow Paul down a bit.  He is who he is, and he went on to tell the crowd that his favorite thing to do is to put an arrow through the boiler of a deer! He is a country boy that loves to hunt and just happens to write and sing great songs!



Paul with Cally and Annetta


Paul prepares for his set





From Left: Annetta, Annetta's mom Eudora, and Paul's wife Tanya


Paul shows off his trophy


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