Paul Bogart Bringin’ It Home In NashvilleMar 16, 2010

Every once in a while you meet someone that you feel was destined to become a friend.   Paul Bogart is one of those people for me.  We met last year at the QDMA Convention, where I saw him perform for the first time.  We were very impressed with his song writing and performance, but even more impressed when given the chance to meet him and his lovely wife Tanya.  We were planning our Bringin’ It Home DVD release party and knew right away that we wanted him as our entertainer for the event.  Lucky for us he accepted.  He was a huge hit and the highlight of our party!


From Left: Paul Bogart, Paul's wife Tanya, Annetta, and Cally

Paul has been writing a theme song for Bringin’ It Home. He finished it up and invited us to come down and film him recording it in the Sony studio for our DVD series.  So we were off to Nashville to spend a few days with Paul and Tanya. This was the first time that we had the opportunity to see Paul perform his Bringin’ It Home song.  Having an artist put into words what you live and love everyday is an honor that cannot be described.  


Jesse captures Paul's performance for an upcoming volume






Cally takes the opportunity to try his vocals out on Paul


Paul trying to talk Tanya into being his backup singer


Let's leave all the buttons to the professionals



The little drummer girl


Tanya shows Paul how it's done


Paul is going to be “jellying” some turkey heads with us this spring in conjunction with his concert tour. Look forward to seeing Paul sing the Bringin’ It home song on the upcoming Volumes of BIH.  For more information on Paul and his music, check out his website at  Hopefully we will meet up with you at one of his tour stops this spring.