Hangin’ on the farm with Big & J Mar 9, 2010

Sean Wuller and Jeremy Atkins “The Big & J” of Big & J Industries stopped by the farm to hang out, do some shed hunting, and talk deer. These guys have stormed the industry with their deer nutritional supplement, BB2, which is the most effective deer attractant I have ever tried.  I wish I had actually started a stopwatch the moment I poured my first bag on the ground so I could give you the exact time it took the deer to hit the pile. I am talking minutes!  Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fanatic about deer nutrition and food plots on my farm, and from that day on, my deer and I were hooked.  


From Left: Jeremy, Sean, and Cally







These guys will spend twenty minutes telling you what nutrients they have in their product and the effects that has on the health and antlers of your herd, and I look forward to seeing the results BB2 has on “the bone” of our herd!

Missouri is like most states in that you can not use any kind of deer attractant during hunting season. So I am only able to use the product through the winter and summer.  I absolutely feel BB2 it is a valuable tool in the late summer for getting a good look at the bucks. For more information you can visit their website www.bignjindustries.com.