Muzzleloader Hunting in IndianaDec 18, 2009

    In the same manner that I met my friend Jeff Gerard (Kansas Bow Hunt), I also met my new friends Dale Smith and Dale Smith Jr.  I had talked to Dale Sr. a few times at a couple different shows, and this year at the QDMA show in Louisville, I got to know him a little bit better. His son Dale is a taxidermist, and they have looked at some of my stuff for reference, as well as watched our DVD.  They both thought it would be fun if we could get together and hunt, so Dale simply asked me to come out to Indiana to deer hunt. I am always fired up to hunt with my fellow taxidermists, and this was an opportunity that I just couldnít pass up!


Dale Sr. (middle), Dale Jr. (right) and I get ready to head out.

    It was obvious that the two were smart hunters, and that they would work very hard to put me on a deer.  They definitely worked hard, but unfortunately, the only time that I had available to hunt was right after their 3 week long shotgun season.  Needless to say, the deer were not moving. The place looked like a deer hunterís dream spot with corn fields, big ditches, and set aside ground for great bedding.  I thought for sure we would get into some deer, but we ended up only seeing a couple specs of brown hair the entire time. It even snowed a couple inches for us while we were there, and the deer still refused to move.




    I know they were disappointed that they didnít put us on a deer, but at the end of the trip, I was actually very excited! I believe they are going to turn out to be great friends of mine, and we have already set up a turkey hunt for this coming spring!! Hey, it doesnít take too many days in a cold tree stand for me to start thinking about strutters and green fields!
    I really appreciated everything that Dale and Dale Jr. did for us while we stayed with them, and Iím pumped about hunting with them this spring! Thanks guys!!