Missouri deer hunting with Jason BrownDec 18, 2009

     When I went out looking for a company to edit my videos, I emphasized on finding someone who was as passionate about hunting as I am.  I was pleasantly surprised when I talked to Jason Brown at Rack Focus Post.  He loves to hunt, and as an editor, he thinks it is very important to make the hunt look and feel as exciting for a viewer as it is for the hunter in the field.
    Unfortunately for Jason, he lives in a part of Michigan that doesnít produce big bucks. It would be an understatement to say he worked extremely hard in the studio to make Bringiní It Home Vol. 1 one of the best hunting DVDs that Iíve ever seen. With those things in mind, I felt that I owed it to him to let him come down and hunt my personal farm in Missouri.
    He hunted a few days following our big DVD release party, but it was early in the season, and although he saw several does, he didnít see any shooter bucks.  He wasnít disappointed though, because I told him that I was headed to hunt in Iowa, and as soon as I got back, he could have a second chance!


Jason target practicing in October.


    Fortunately, it didnít take me long to kill a nice buck in Iowa, and when I gave him the news, he drove down the very next day. I still had my Missouri tag, so Jason had to bring his own camera man.  It worked out really well, because his guy Jeff Schuster filmed him, Jesse filmed me, and Caleb filmed Annetta. We were able to see the deer patterns on three different parts of the farm at once!


Jason (left) and Jeff (right) get ready to head out.


    We had all been seeing nice bucks, but we were having trouble hooking up with a kill. On the third day, we came up with a plan to hunt opposite ends of my big bean field.  I knew that the deer were using the field every evening, and that a good buck could roam in there at any time, so it was necessary to cover two ends of it.   
    That evening, our plan worked to perfection. Jason said he wasnít even in the stand an hour, and the first deer that came by was a shooter buck! I had showed him some trail camera pictures of the buck that afternoon, so he knew right away which one it was, and that he was going to let an arrow fly!

    Just before dark, I checked my messages on my phone to see one from Jason that said he had a big buck dead in the bean field! I called him and he told me which one it was, and I could not have been happier for him.  I put more pressure on myself to get him a deer than I did on killing one of my own, and it was a great relief to find out that all of the work we had done together had paid off!  A mature buck that had a main frame of an 8 pointer on his right side and one big club on his left side met his maker when he walked ten yards in front of Jasonís tree stand!




    It is an impressive buck of which we had several trail cam pictures all in that same area.  This goes to show how important and helpful trail cameras can be for a hunter.  Congratulations Jason, and nice shot!!