Colorado Elk Camp 2009 Update #2Oct 7, 2009

     Well 20 days have come and gone, and Elk camp is officially over. Let me tell ya, the last group of hunters hit the rut just perfect!  Since there were only three of them, and because I already tagged out, Jesse and I got to follow two separate guys for the whole week!

     One of the interesting parts about the last hunt was the change in the weather.  We went from having highs in the 80ís to cold weather and snow in less than 2 days! It snowed almost 6 inches the first night that the hunters were there.  Needless to say, it got me fired up about shooting BIG BUCKS in Missouri ASAP!


Snow always makes for a perfect sunrise.


The High Country Cabin coated in snow.

     Before I get into talking about the footage we got, I want to tell you about the biggest bull killed in camp this archery season.  Herb Schafer came in from Maryland and was placed with Steve Fernandez, another new Redwing guide. Those two went out on the first night and let the air out of a 353 inch tank! Unfortunately, both Jesse and I were with other hunters, and the kill wasnít caught on film, but the story is hilarious. I told Herb the night before that if he had the chance to put another arrow in a bull, then he should definitely take a second shot.  Apparently he took that advice to heart because he put 4 ARROWS in his bull before it crashed to the ground! He was smiling the rest of the week, and I hope I get the chance to elk hunt with him again next year!


Herb and his guide Steve Fernandez.


Herb's 353 incher on the first night.

     Meanwhile, up in the high country camp, the snow continued to fall, and my good friend Don Travis was lucky enough to shot a 343Ē bull in the snow! Check out those pictures!


Don Travis and his 343 inch bull.


Don and his guides Walker and Shane.

     As soon as the weather warmed up a bit, I was forced to pay my bet off, and get my head shaved.  Jesse was laughing the whole time as Bob buzzed all the hair off my head.  It didnít bother me though, because I knew that I had an awesome bull elk in my pocket, and one of the best elk hunts that I could ever imagine.  This head shaving thing might have to become a tradition, it seems to bring us some good luck!


They get me ready for my hair cut.


The first cuts.


Bob works his magic.


A crowd gathers to watch.


More hair gets buzzed.


Getting the last little spot.


The brothers!

     Now Iím going to talk about the awesome footage we got.  I went out with Bob and Wayne Hoffman from Maryland.  It was his second year up here, and he was fired up to stick a big bull.  Sure enough, a 6 X 6 walked out from behind the trees, and Wayne stuck him at just over 30 yards! Good shot Wayne!


Wayne and his elk.


Bob and Wayne with the elk.

     Jesse followed another guy from Maryland by the name of Ronnie Hall.  I hunted with him three years ago in the high country, and I knew he was a good hunter, and a great shot.  It took him the longest to find a bull that he wanted to connect with, but his patience paid off immensely!  I was able to tag along for a second camera angle, and Jesse was right up over Ronnie and Banoís shoulders as a bruiser 330 bugled his way across a big meadow.  Iím telling you, the bull bugled 19 times before staring at the three of them straight on at 25 yards.  Ronnie kept his cool though, and confidently made the shot right above the brisket, and straight into the lungs to make for one of the biggest blood trails Iíve ever seen!! This footage was amazing!! We used our new Hunt V to go pick up Ronnieís bull the next day.  I was impressed at how easily it trucked up the hills!


Ronnie's bull comes bugling in.  


Jesse and Ronnie with the bull.


Ronnie with his awesome bull.


Loaded up and heading out with the horns on the Hunt Ve.


It was a brushy, thick, and steep hill but the Hunt Ve handled it with ease.

     Don came down to the low country on his way back just in time to pose for a nice picture with his elk rack and some of the others that were taken this year. The only thing that could have made the picture better is if the first group of guys could have been there to stand with us.


The second group. 


 Showin' off a bunch of horns the night before we left.

     The rut was really rocking at Red Wing this year, and I am sad to be heading back to the real world. Oh wait, ITíS DEER SEASON!!