While Cally is Away, Annetta playsSep 24, 2009

So what is a gal supposed to do while her husband is off chasing bull elk in Colorado?  How about starting my bow season off with doe hunting on our farm in Missouri.  There is nothing that gets you pumped up and tuned in like letting arrows fly.  Friday night, I was off to one of our food plots with my bow in my hand and Caleb with the video camera.  I took this mature doe at 34 yards and she dropped in the food plot.


Saturday, I added deer steak and roast to the freezer and was excited to be heading back to the woods Saturday night.  When trying to decide which stands to hunt this early in season, we tried to go where we would have the highest percentage of does in the plots.  Saturday night we opted to head to a different food plot than the night before.  Just when we were thinking we were going to get skunked, this mature doe walked up to the stand at 17 yards and I let her have it.  She only made it 70 yards and I had two does in two nights!


Sunday, I not only added more meat to our freezer (yum!), but had also added confidence for my fall bow hunting.  Hopefully Caleb and I will continue this good luck streak and capture more hunts on film.

I would like to give a special thanks to Gary Lucas, Lucas Archery in Moberly, MO, for working his magic on my bow!  I am so excited to see what the rest of the fall brings.