Colorado Elk Camp 2009 UpdateSep 22, 2009

We have been in elk camp for 12 days, and the first group of hunters arrived, ready to head out with their bows! My first assignment was to trade in my bow for a video camera, and follow Bob and a fellaí from Maryland named Matt Mundorf.  Iím happy to report that the 15th was Mattís lucky day!  A big, mature 6 X 6 stepped in front of us just before dark, and Matt put an arrow through both lungs!! Not only did he have a perfect hunt, but it was also an awesome film! Be sure and look for it on Volume 2 of Bringiní It Home!!


Mattís bull took his time coming in, just begging us to make a mistake.


Matt looked like knight with chain male armor on his head. I just had to have a picture.


There is no doubt that Matt is going home with a trophy elk, with the added joy of having every minute of it caught on film!

Jesse followed Urbano (Bano for short) and two guys from Texas by the names of Tom Luffel and Ennis Schneider.  They had some close encounters as well, with two big bulls coming within eighty yards, and one coming in under twenty yards.  As we all know about bow hunting though, without a clear shooting lane, twenty yards can seem like three hundred.


A nice 6 X 6 comes in to Ennis, but never gives a good shot.


He did give Ennis a good look at his horns though.


It was a great encounter, and Ennis is still pumped up!

The other hunter in camp was Dr. Chris Edwards from Missouri, and he was being guided by the newest member of Redwing Outfitters, Curtis Texer. They also had some great action, with several close encounters with big bulls.  Dr. Edwards had a big bull jump his arrow at 60 yards for a clean miss, and his luck went even further downhill from there.  His mechanical broadhead screwed up on a bull at just 10 yards away!  He made a perfect shot, but the arrow barely penetrated the rib cage! Can you believe that?!  Thatís why I only shoot fixed blades.

Matt Mundorf reluctantly left a couple days ago, and he was begging to get a spot booked here next year.  He is a very good shot, and was an even better guy to hunt with, hope to hunt with him again next year. Thanks for the cool film Matt!

Today is Sunday the 20th, and this morning was a perfect morning to hunt.  Both Jesse and I had a feeling that today was going to be the day we would get our chance at a big bull.  It didnít take long for that feeling to come true, because at around 7:30 a.m., I shot a GIANT of an elk!  I made a deal with Bob that if I shot a bull that scored over 340Ē, then he could shave my head as bald as Banoís.  Well guess what, my head is about to be shiny clean, because we rough scored his horns at just over 350!!!  We are going to score it again though, because if it breaks 360, then Jesse joins the bald group too!


The bull runs up to meet his maker.


Bob and Bano practice shaving my head!


I show off my bull.


His horns are massive!


Thanks to Jesse, Bob, and Bano for helping me take this trophy.


Time to get our hands dirty!


Bano shows off the entry holes.

The last of the first group of hunters was prepared to head out around 9 this morning.  Fortunately for me though, they hung around long enough to be able to check out my elk!!  The first group of guys was great bunch, and I hope to hunt with all of them again.


My fellow hunters join me for a shot.

Needless to say, we are having a great time in elk camp.  Every day we come back to the cabin to Jennaferís amazing cooking, and I have even started to brave the Red Chili!  Bob and Jennaferís daughter Morgan is helping in the kitchen and getting lessons in guiding with her dad every day.  She was good luck for me last year, and she was good luck for Matt this year.


Chow time!

A storm starts to move in.


Bob and Morgan horsin' around.



Bob scouts a nice bull.


The whole crew. (From Left to right: Matt Mundorf, Ennis Schneider, Tom Luffel, Cally, Dr. Chris Edwards, Bano, Morgan, Bob, Jennafer,  and Curtis Texer)

Hey, stay tuned for the next update, because youíre going to see an even balder Cally Morris!