Nick Mundt, Bone Collector, is Bringin’ It Home!Aug 24, 2009
Ok, so if you have been on another planet for the last year, you may not know about the Bone Collector’s show that instantly became the Number One show on the Outdoor Channel.  No seriously, these guys are everywhere and have one of the most entertaining shows in the hunting television world today!  Nick has teamed up with Michael Waddell and Travis (T- Bone) Turner on a show that brings everything we love about hunting to the screen; a bunch of good old boys out hunting with their friends and laying down some critters.

Nick and I worked out our schedules so that we could film a segment for Volume 2 of Bringin’ It Home as Team Hazel Creek and Nick mount his Russian Brown Bear. Nick and I have visited a lot about the pose of his bear and what he is looking for in his brown bear mount.  His bear is an old brute with a big head and Nick really wants to capture that with this piece.  Between the two of us we have decided to make this piece as vertical as possible, without mounting the bear in the typical standing up on hind quarters pose.  We have determined what kind of woodworking will fit well with Nick’s trophy room and enhance his bear and not distract from it.

Before Nick got here, we had soaked up and measured his skin, and ordered the form that best fit his bear.  Nick’s bear had such a big skull that we had to order a change out head to get the correct fit.  With all the supplies needed for this piece on hand and his wood working on order from Darin our cabinet maker, we were ready for Nick’s arrival.

We will update throughout the mounting process.  Check back.