Big Buck Outdoor GamesJun 7, 2009
We were honored here at Hazel Creek to participate in the Big Buck Outdoor Games.  Spook Spann, friend and cofounder of the event, asked me if I could supply our Real Mounted Decoys for the weekend.  So our crew loaded up a trailer full of decoys and headed to Livingston County Kentucky where the event was held the weekend of April 17-19. The fundraising event was founded to raise money for the Paralyzed Veterans of America.  The event was hosted by Hunting For Heroes, Big Buck Properties, and XONtv.  The four day event included a bass fishing tournament, a turkey hunt, a charity banquet and live auction. 

The event started out with a welcome party where the participants were divided into ten teams. Each team included a wounded war veteran (Purple Heart recipient), a team sponsor, sports or entertainment celebrity, and an outdoor hunting/fishing guide.  The teams were competing for bragging rights and awards presented at the end of the weekend.


The teams prep for the hunt.

Friday morning the teams headed to Kentucky Lake for the guided fishing tournament.  The fishing tournament ended with a Bass Master-style weigh in and a great opportunity to observe the interaction between the teams, and the fun that a weekend in the outdoors brings to sportsman. 


Weighing in the catch of the day.



 What lure did you say you used?


Lunch is served.


Big Red also doubles as a picnic table.

Saturday and Sunday were all about turkey hunting.  I was lucky enough to get to hunt with Cathrine (Cathy) Kitarodgers.  Cathy had never turkey hunted before and was the most positive person I have ever hunted with.  For her this was about the total experience. She had an opportunity to take shots on two jakes with her crossbow.  We never scored Cathy a bird but we had some great action in the decoys. Hunting with anyone for their first hunt is always fun, but watching her during the weekend was a life changing experience.


Cathy Kitarodgers and Cally go over the game plan.


Cally and Cathy discuss shot placement.


Cathy shoots her crossbow.



She's gets it sited in.



Lots of jakes in the decoys.



Two jakes fall under the "Hazel Creek Trance."

Cathy and the other heroes I had the opportunity to meet during the weekend were forever affected by their time spent serving and protecting our country. Little things, many of us take for granted, are a real challenge for this group everyday of their lives.  You would never guess it by their attitudes. They were excited and happy no matter what they were doing or the conditions. 


We weighed in and scored the birds for the hunters.


Team picture.


We skinned and processed the turkeys.

The weekend was a huge success.  Time spent doing what you love with people who enjoy it as much as you do is always time well spent.  But in this case it was even more special and memorable.  I personally would like to thank the Purple Heart Veterans that attended the event and all of the other men and women that serve our country each and every day.  Without your sacrifices I could not enjoy the life that I am lucky enough to live here in the United States.  For more information on this event visit