Cally and Jesse on a Cross-Country Turkey Hunt Stop 3Jun 4, 2009
Stop Three: North Carolina hunting Eastern’s with John Chalk. John and I have tried for the last several years to schedule a turkey hunt together. We have gotten to know each other through the NWTF conventions. John is an avid turkey hunter and his love for the wild turkey inspired him to serve as a NWTF board member for two terms. We have a lot in common besides turkey hunting.  We both love to sheep hunt.

We arrived at John’s in the afternoon and were able to go out and roost a gobbler. The next morning was perfect, well until the cows showed up. The cows stayed close to the decoys, making the turkeys skirt around our set up. After an hour of calling we finally got the attention of two toms We called them in over two hundred yards. Every series I called they would only come five yards. I had to use my mouth call so much I thought it would wear out. The old saying “call once every fifteen minutes” was out the window on this hunt. After about forty minutes the gobblers approached the decoys and John made a perfect head shot.


Are you alive?


Get up!


Come on, move out of my way!


John shows Cally proper wing bone calling technique.


John's fine North Carolina gobbler.

John is a prime example of someone who you want to hunt with because he is as passionate about it as you are.  I always look forward to getting together to visit with him and I am glad we finally got this hunt put together. Thank you for your hospitality and friendship John.


Kicking back at the cabin.


Cally making friends with one of NC's finest, Officer Brian Blankenship.