Cally and Jesse on a Cross-Country Turkey Hunt Stop 2Jun 5, 2009

Stop Two: Tennessee and we were back to chase gobblers with Doc Sam Huddleston and Tony Snapp.  I hunted with the two of them last year after they tempted me with stories of hunting gobblers in the mountains of East Tennessee.  What we got last year were more of their stories, but no gobblers. Ok, so to be fair to them, I did get to their place late in the season and I knew the odds were not in our favor. This year we are back at it with a vengeance and a couple of weeks earlier on the calendar.

Doc Sam is first up behind the shotgun. We roosted the birds the night before and thought we had the perfect set up. Only one problem, they completely changed ridges on us during the late evening hours. How this happens is a mystery to every turkey hunter. After we heard the first gobble, we looked at each other in disbelief and decided to move our setup 180 degrees. Things were working out, a gobbler came right off the roost and was strutting around the decoys. We were enjoying the show when I heard a rumbling growl of a jake. I looked down the hill and saw a small army of three inch bearded bandits coming up to whip the tom. I gave Doc the signal to shoot and he made a quick shot. The view of the Tennesse mountains from this location was amazing and one of the most beautiful set ups of the season.

From left: Tony Snapp, Doc Sam Huddleston, and Cally

With Tony taking his turn, we were feeling a repeat coming. Sure enough, things were looking good the next morning 3 gobblers, one jake, and one hen entered the spread. Tony was so excited he missed the first two shots but connected on shot number three. It is times like this you are happy to have an automatic. Way to hang in there Tony!

Jesse, Tony and Doc show off Tony's gobbler.

So, all things considered I would say that Doc and Tony totally made up for last year and I am now a fan of Tennesee Mountain turkey hunting. Thanks Doc and Tony, I look forward to our next hunt together.


A lightning storm approaches in the Tennesse mountains.