Cally and Jesse on a Cross-Country Turkey Hunt Stop 1Jun 6, 2009
Jesse and I had a jam packed turkey hunting schedule this Spring.  We loaded up a trailer full of our Real Decoys, camera equipment, camo, and turkey calls and headed east on Part I of Turkey Season 2009.  


Loaded and ready to roll!

Stop one: Florida for the annual Benelli Outdoor Writers Hunt.  This was my second year of filming and hunting with the Benelli and Federal crews. The object is to lay down as many gobblers as possible and hopefully everyone gets a bird.  Each year a different group of outdoor writers are invited to participate.  Last year we hunted Rio's in south Texas and this year Osceola's in mid Florida.  I have never hunted Osceola's and I was excited to be in new territory and hunting with Wayne and Jill Shelby on the Frasier Family Farm.


Wayne Shelby and Cally skinning Osceolas.


Lovin' up the cook (Jill Shelby).

Benelli introduced their new Vinci shot gun. We hunted with this shotgun all week and everyone loved it.  It is light weight, easy to swing, and breaks down very quick for transport. Most importantly it proved itself by smashing a lot of turkey heads! I am sure you will be seeing and hearing more about this shotgun. If you get a chance check it out.


Steve Mckelvain showing off the new Vinci.


Steve and Joe Coogan siting in.

This was my second season hunting with the Federal Heavyweight No 5's and No 7's. I have grown up turkey hunting, and Federal Premium No 5's have been in my vest for years. I had never really felt the need to try anything else, but after shooting them the last couple of years I see a huge difference.


 Terry Gibson shooting the new Vinci.


Vinci and the target.

These shells are flat out wicked! The pattern is tight and consistent. They are a bomb from ten yards out to sixty yards. I was so impressed we used them all Spring on film. Each time they connected with the turkey, I had to laugh, it was like hitting the gobbler with a baseball flying 90mph. I canít wait until you see the footage, (Volume II Bringin' It Home With Hazel Creek).

There were a total of nine hunters in the camp. There were four videographers including Jesse and I working hard to capture the hunts on film. At the end of the weekend seven longbeards were taken and all seven hunts were filmed.


The gang talking.


The photo shoot.


Doug Howlett, Dave Dolbee, and Joe Coogan ripping lips on some big bass.

One of the hunters I had the opportunity to hunt with and film was Greg Powers. Greg is the Managing Editor of Turkey Call Magazine and Editor of The Caller, both are NWTF member magazines. Greg had never harvested an Osceola and it was my job to get him one.  He is a really fun guy and we laughed 24/7. Laughing and telling stories is what turkey hunting is all about and I had a great couple of days with him.  Greg got his gobbler on the second day at nine yards. He was pumped about the close encounter with the two gobblers that came in. This was the closest he had ever harvested a turkey. Thanks Greg, I had a great time hunting with you, you are an official "Osceola turkey killer".


Cally and Greg Powers on the hunt

We had a great five days of turkey hunting and comradiery. Not everyone got a bird this year but we had fun trying. Thank you Benelli and Federal for putting together such a great camp. I look forward to the hunt next year!


From left: Wayne Shelby (outifitter), Dave Dolbee (Peterson's Hunting), Aaron Carter (American Rifleman), Tim Brandt (Federal Ammunition), Joe Coogan (Benelli), Doug Howlett (freelance writer), Rick Stoeckel (Federal Ammuntion), Terry Gibson (Outdoor Life), Greg Powers (NWTF), and Cally Morris (Hazel Creek)