The Team Hazel Creek Turkey ChallengeJun 7, 2009

Opening day of turkey season in Missouri is a sacred day and is usually dedicated to Cally and I hunting and enjoying our farm. This year Cally came up with the idea of having a Team Hazel Creek turkey challenge.  The challengers Trever –(Hazel Creek Freeze Dry Manager) behind the Benelli / Cally behind the video camera - versus - David – (Hazel Creek  Turkey Manager) behind the Stoeger / Jesse behind the video camera.  In order to be fair and ensure the highest success, and guarantee that the turkeys had not been pressured, it was decided that the challenge needed to happen on opening day.

With the rules and scoring guidelines agreed upon, both teams headed to the woods on opening morning. The shop was quiet and there was no sign of either team until hunting hours were over.  They were in it to win.  Day one, neither team scored.

With each team boasting about their plans for day two and during a lot of trash talking, it was decided that whichever team drew first blood would text the other team to rub it in.  Day two, both teams score within thirty minutes of each other, both teams texted their success.  It was established that David/Jesse killed their bird first and that gave them major bragging rights.


Footage from David's hunt. 


David's Tom is a lover.



David and Jesse get their bird first.



Footage from Trever's hunt. 


Trever's bird is a fighter.


Trever and Cally get the biggest bird.

The turkeys were scored using the NWTF official score sheet and the trash talking continued.  Trever’s turkey weighed 24 lbs, 10 1/4” beard, spurs 1 3/8” and 1 1/4” .  David’s turkey weighed 25 1/2 lbs, 9 1/2” beard, and spurs 1 1/8” and 1 1/8”.  The turkeys were so close in numbers it was down to an adding machine to decide. Team Trever / Cally scored 70 1/2 and Team David / Jesse scored 67.  The buildup of the competition and all the trash talking made for sore winners and sore losers, but it was all in fun and the guys were able to shake hands like men.


The crew makes their predictions.



Bribes are always welcome with this judge.




Adam announces the winner.




Trever - "Oh yeah!"




David - "Oh well..." 



Group picture.


We can still be friends.... right?