"Gang" Hunting in ColoradoJun 8, 2009

Merriams turkey hunting is a blast! After chasing Osceola’s and Eastern’s I was excited to go after some Merriam’s for a while. Now I am not saying that they are always easy, but hunting with Red Wing Outfitters definitely puts the odds in our favor.
Doc Sam Huddleston and Tom Torbett, from Tennessee met up with Annetta, Jesse, and I at the Denver Airport. We were headed to southern Colorado to chase some mountain gobblers.  We were four miles from the cabin when Doc Sam and Tom had a major blow out. These two have been friends for twenty years and needless to say it was quite the show as we watched the two of them changing the tire. Married couples have nothing on the two of them when it comes to banter.


This picture Pretty much says it all.


Where's AAA when you need them?


Ah, that wasn't so bad.

The first morning Bob and Dusty Daugherty our guides, along with Doc Sam, Tom, Jesse, and I headed out with the idea of Doc and Tom doubling on the first set up. This may sound like high hopes when you picture the six of us setting up with two cameras. You are not going to believe this hunt! Well, the birds did what they were supposed to do, two gobblers in the decoys ready for the ultimate double. We had a little mix up between the hunters on who takes which bird, and ended up with only one gobbler on the ground. This was round two of Doc and Tom, and was just as hilarious. With Tom and his gobbler over his shoulder, we headed to the cabin for breakfast.


Filming the hunt.


Tom stands in New Mexico and Colorado at the same time

After breakfast it was back out with the same “Gang” and now we are going to try and get Doc a bird. Two hours later we were headed back to the cabin with Doc’s gobbler and our second successful film. This could be the best film of the year, maybe the best ever (see the pictures below and check out Bringin' It Home Volume II.)



Footage of two aggressive Toms...



.. coming after the jake decoy.


They proceeded to give the jake a whooping...


... and then Doc hammered one of them with the Federal Heavyweight.


Pictured from Left: Tom Torbett, TN and Doc Sam Huddleston, TN


Doc catches some rays.

Day two the same “gang” headed out, and now Annetta joins for her turn behind the Benelli. Within an hour Annetta busted her gobbler off the top of the jake decoy, we had another great film, and thinking this is more fun than any group of people should be allowed to have.


Annetta's 60 minute gobbler.


Annetta and Morgan: The happiest gangstas in the world


Annetta washes her hair.

Day three has me as the trigger man, Jesse and Annetta filming, and yes, Bob, Dusty, Doc, and Tom ready to “gang” up on another gobbler. On my hunt the gobbler came in from behind us, and walked by everyone of us to get to the decoys.  The film shows Jesse and I, with the gobbler walking by us at under ten yards.  This lone gobbler was looking for some company and he found it. Slam at seven steps with the Benelli, off the top. Great hunt, thanks gang!


Pictured from left: Annetta, Doc Sam, Cally, Jesse, Bob, Dusty, with Tom behind the camera


I blasted this bird at seven steps.


Doc and I are the official turkey skinners.


Tom admires our technique.

While Doc and Tom head back to Tennessee, we decide to keep “ganging” up on them.  Jesse is now hunting for his first Merriam’s gobbler.  Annetta and I are filming, and Bob, his wife Jennifer, and their daughter Morgan try to keep the streak going.  Jesse’s bird came a little harder, and took a couple of mornings (tough, huh).  He ended up with a beautiful big old tom and an awesome turkey hunt on film, his first.


Jesse hunting his first Merriams.


Why are there decoy feathers laying next to the decoy Jesse?


Jesse's big bird! From Left: Bob, Jesse, Jennifer, and Morgan


Jennifer: The shed hunting machine

This hunt was unbelievable.  I have never been on a hunt like it. We got to experience the  ultimate group hunt. I do not know if I will ever get lucky enough to be a part of a hunt like this again, but the “gang” is gonna try again next year.  Same time, same place.