The Fearless FlirtJun 8, 2009

Aaron Carter and I hooked up to do some turkey hunting Missouri style.  Aaron is the managing editor of the American Rifleman. We met last year in hunting camp, hit it off, and I invited him up to chase some gobblers this spring. 

While planning out our spring schedule, I realized that we would be on our way back from Colorado at the same time Aaron would be arriving at the airport.  This meant that someone from work was going to have to pick him up and bring him out to our place.  Since Aaron has never been to our place and we really don’t know each other that well, a group of us at work decided to pull a little prank on him.

We decided that rather than just picking him up we should impress him with our Hazel Creek limousine service.  Adam dressed up in official looking drivers garb including the hat and everything. To make sure that Aaron would not miss hooking up with Adam at our local small town airport, he carried the message board with Aaron’s name on it.  The hopping one room airport had three other people, all of which were airport employees. As it turns out the board with his name might have been a little overkill as Aaron was the only passenger on his flight.


Aaron Carter getting the royal treatment from Adam.

As Aaron figured out that the driver was there for him. Adam proceeded to try and make a great impression with Aaron by using his “British driver accent”.  If Aaron was uncomfortable at this point things were about to get worse. When we were devising our plan we decided it might be cool if we played up “the red neck” in our limousine. With this plan in place Annetta and I headed to Colorado and left the decorating of the truck up to Adam and Trever. Well their idea of “redneck” was not what we had pictured and was definitely not what Aaron was expecting (see picture below). He was really thrown when he asked “if this was Annetta’s truck?” and Adam told him “no this is Cally’s truck”. If you look closely at the dice hanging off the mirror, the steering wheel cover, and the pink polka dots you can see why Aaron’s hunt will forever be remembered as “The Fearless Flirt”.



With Aaron and I arriving too late to roost birds, it was off to one of my favorite spots the next morning.  As luck would have it, at daybreak we spotted a hen in a tree only fifty yards from our decoys.  Soon after, the gobblers got cranked up and we had a great morning of gobbling.  It wasn’t long before we had three long beards in the decoys at seventeen yards.  One of the gobblers climbed on top of our jake decoy. When both of his feet hit the decoy, I gave Aaron the signal to “kill em”. It was a very quick hunt but after being skunked in Florida, Aaron really deserved it.


Aaron and Cally with Aaron's Missouri long beard.