Video School with the "Northern Hit-Men" a.k.a Rack Focus PostApr 13, 2009

The last time I saw these guys was at the NWTF convention in Nashville.  We were working the booth when Jason Brown, Al Pope, and Preston Bovee walked around the corner with their hair gelled up and wearing black shirts like they were from the mafia in the 40's.  Now I refer to them as the "Norhern Hit-Men". While they may look the part, they are are actually the group of guys that know video and filming production better than anyone I have ever worked with.  Jason and his crew at Jack Pine Productions edited our entire Bringin' It Home DVD.


Bringin' It Home Volume I, alot of work but it turned out awesome!

I have been filming hunts for several years now, but I am always looking for new ideas on how to make Hazel Creek's filming better. So when Jesse, Trever, and I had the opportunity to attend Jason's video school , Rack Focus, we were psyched and ready to learn.

We hopped on a plane and headed to Sanford, Michigan.  It was Jesse's first time on a plane, but he was a tough guy and insisted he did not need me to hold his hand.


Jesse's first flight.

We arrived at the home of the Jack Pine Production/ Rack Focus new state of the art facility. The place is totally tricked out, with high tech gadgets everywhere. The guys started our class by reviewing video tapes that each of us had filmed, and they pointed out specific examples of areas we could improve upon.


Al taking out some of his pent up frustration from logging and working with some of our footage.

When it comes to running a video camera, my weakest point is working all those buttons.  Jason and the Northern Hit-Men taught us how to adjust our camera settings and functions, and showed me things I didn't even know were there.  They worked with us on creative ways of framing and focusing subjects, as well as artistic camera angles.


Buttons, buttons, and more buttons!


I can remember this?


Close-ups are important. Al is so pretty!

What I found amazing about the class, was the way they were able to teach all three of us, with different levels of experience and expertise, at the same time.  Never once did I get bored or think "I don't need to hear this". I learned more about the camera in those two days than I had in the past 5 years combined. 


Show me one more time!

We are now home, fired up and ready to try out all of our new found knowledge on some long beards! 

Thanks to Jason, Al, and Preston for sharing your knowledge with us.  No matter what you look like, you really are just normal fun guys.


From left to right: Jason, Preston, Al, Cally, Trever, and Jesse