Hazel Creek Control BurnMar 25, 2009

Team Hazel Creek spent the weekend performing a controlled burn. Working in conjunction with the Missouri Department of Conservation Soil and Water Department, we burned over 400 acres of our farm. When conducting a controlled burn it is very important to follow the guidelines of the local authorities, and to contact the local dispatch in advance of the event. There are controlled burn classes that several of our team members have attended to obtain the proper training.

In advance of the burn we put in disk lines for fire brakes. We have had a very wet winter and last few weeks.  As you can see by the pictures, it was definitely not ideal disking conditions. At one point Kevin buried the tractor in a crossing and had to be pulled out.



Our crew was ready bright and early Saturday morning.  We started out with fire safety and instructions meeting, and then we were off and hoping for a safe day with a light breeze. 


From Left: Caleb, Becca, Lynette, Chazz, Kevin, Celia, Cally, Richard, Wesley, Cade, Cody (Not Pictured: Annetta, Jesse, and Trever)

There were two crews which consisting of a man running a drip-torch, a blower, a rake runner, and a quad with a water tank and sprayer.  I took over 400 still pictures and Jesse and Trever ran two cameras to capture the experience for Volume II of our Bringing it Home DVD series.





We typically conduct controlled burns on our property in sections, each section being burned every three years.  This is to maintain habitat and bedding areas for the wildlife within the property boundaries.



We concentrated on one section at a time, making sure to back-burn from the outside inward.


Cally and I went back on Sunday and torched some areas within the burn sections that did not burn completely.  When the work was done, we spent the afternoon looking for sheds.  They are a lot easier to spot in all that black!





We had a safe weekend and were blessed with slow burning fires.  We are very thankful and happy we are finished for the year!  Now it is time to sit back and watch the new growth and spring take over.  Thanks to everyone for a great weekend.