Iowa Deer Classic 2009Mar 11, 2009
This past weekend was the Iowa Deer Classic in DesMoines, IA. We did not have a booth this year but we still wanted to go up and enjoy the show. Our brother n' law Trever (many of you know him better as our turkey head manager and a taxidermist at Hazel Creek), my sister Lynette and our nieces Megan and Jentry headed up with us for a day of fun. 






Megan and Jentry brought their cameras with them; hoping to get some pictures of the same people they watch on tv. They love watching hunting shows and were totally pumped that not only were Lee and Tiffany from The Crush going to be there but also Nick and T-Bone  from Bone Collectors, and Don and Kandi from Whitetail Freaks.




We had a blast watching Megan and Jentry meeting their heroes from TV. It is amazing how much impact these fun people had on them and increased the coolness factor of hunting. All of the outdoor personalities worked hard all weekend making sure that everyone who wanted to meet them and get their autographs had the chance. These individuals are great for the future of our sport and we thank them.