Shed HuntingMar 2, 2009

We got to spend a lot time this past weekend shed hunting. Saturday my buddy Richard and I covered part of our Western farm. We had a great few hours and added a total of nine sheds to our collection.


Richard ended up with more sheds than I did!


I still found some though!

On Sunday, Annetta and our nieces Rebecca, Megan, and Jentry spent the afternoon on our main farm, and found a total of five sheds. As you can tell by the pictures the girls found some other bone treasures they were proud of! We had a lot of fun and enjoyed being outside. It was a little chilly but the girls bundled up in lots of layers and stayed warm from the excitement.


It was a little chewed up, but hey, it was a find!


Jentry's first find was this skull and bones and it might as well have been a 160" buck.


Becca's first


Jentry found the biggest shed of the weekend.


Megan was excited when she found this skull. She decided "this deer must have been in a wreck."


Do cow skulls count?


We had a great day with the girls!

This weekend most of the sheds found were on grassy south-facing slopes and on heavily-traveled trails. We still have more of our farm to cover and we will keep you posted.


The rewards of a weekend spent outdoors.