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Have you ever had a gobbler strut up to your decoy, bump it, peck it on the head and jump on top of it to breed it? If not, you need a Hazel Creek Decoy. Whether you are an avid turkey hunter, a first time hunter, or a professional guide Hazel Creek Decoys will make your hunts more exciting and successful. Movement in turkey hunting is a big deal as everyone knows, but this decoy allows for more unintentional movement by the hunter because the gobblers are so fixed on the decoy they think she is real. This decoy is a dream come true for bow hunters. The gobblers are so in love with this decoy and busy putting on a show for her that a bow hunter is given several shot opportunities. For someone like me that has hunted turkeys most of their lives the Hazel Creek Decoy will give you the patience to hold out from pulling the trigger too quick and really give the gobbler time to put on a show. Whether you just watch or even video the show your hunt is going to be that much more exciting. Look forward to hearing your Hazel Creek Decoy experiences.


Transport your decoy to the field on the provided stand and in the field in the carrying bag.

When positioning your decoy in a hunting situation, position the decoy quartering away from you either right or left. Make sure your decoy is approximately 15-20 yards away from your calling spot. This position will allow the gobbler to approach the decoy from the rear providing the perfect shot opportunity.

Make sure there is a strutting path open around your decoy; this will give the gobbler plenty of room to strut around her and put on his show.
Stick the leg rods firmly in the ground until the bottom of the leg is touching the ground. Remove your carrying case and large plastic bag and take them with you to your calling spot.

Typically when a gobbler comes in to a Hazel Creek Decoy he will strut as he approaches, strut around and bump her, sometimes you can tell he is trying to get her to lay for him. This is a good sign that he is about to try and jump on her back. I have to caution you again even though it is quite the show that you will be taking a big risk and that your decoy could get damaged. (This also goes for jakes, we have had jakes do more damage to our decoys than gobblers)

Have a great time, hope your heart pumps as hard as mine does. I am confident that you will never leave your Hazel Creek Decoy at the house once you have experienced hunting with her.

Email or send us a picture of you, along with your Hazel Creek Decoy and your harvested turkey in an outdoor setting and include a brief story of your Hazel Creek Decoy experience.

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