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NAME:  Annetta

POSITION:  Office Manager, Promotions, Advertising, Taxidermist


FAMILY:  Lots!  Immediate family Cally and our two horses Romeo and Simon.   

FUN TIME:  Spending time with Cal.  Chillin' on the farm. Watching the deer and turkeys in the yard.  Hunting.  Messing with the horses.  Hanging out with our family and friends.  Love everything British Columbia:  hunting, hiking, horseback riding, camping and our friends.  New York City time: shopping, theater, dining, walking around and seeing all the lights.  Traveling anywhere and experiencing new things.  Watching movies, cooking, baking and reading.

MUSIC:  Mainly country music, real life in the lyrics and I enjoy the entire album. Enjoy rock music mainly songs more than artists.  George Strait, Miranda Lambert, Rhett Akins, Nickelback, Brad Paisley, Keith Anderson, Blake Shelton, Ashton Shepherd, Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, John Anderson, Kenny Chesney, Gary Allan, the list just keeps going

BOOKS:  Variety.

TV:  The Western Channel, Bones, Food Network, American Idol, CMT, GAC, Outdoor Television, and Dancing With The Stars.

MOVIES:  Old Westerns, Anything John Wayne and Randolph Scott, While You Were Sleeping, Out of Africa, Tombstone, Crimson Tide, Something�s Gotta Give, The Rock, Home Alone 2 Lost In New York, The Conspiracy Theory, King Arthur, Blood Diamond, What Women Want,  A Few Good Men, Jeremiah Johnson, Inside Man, Space Cowboys, Rush Hour 1, 2, 3, What Happens In Vegas, Steel Magnolias, and Medicine Man.

HUNTING:  Turkeys, whitetail, elk and anything up North (except Kodiak Brown Bear, have not worked up the nerve for that yet).